Saturday, December 11, 2010

Donut Robot Birthday Cake............

Here is What I used to create this Robot Birthday Cake:
Donuts of course – I had 15 Glazed Donuts, 4 Powdered Sugar Donuts and 6 Chocolate Entemann’s Donuts
A Pair of Battery Operated Tea Lights for Eyes
Wax Lips
Rolos for Buttons
Cool Candles
Big Box to store it in I purchased from my local Bakery
Lots of People to eat it, including myself – yes that is the downside – lots of Calories – oh well.
In the photo it looks like it is standing, it is not – it is laying in the box. I bet you can make it stand, but I was not that ambitious.
First get youself a Box or Base to lay it all out on. I actually bought a Sheet Cake Box from my local Bakery – it was a bit big, but kept it safe until cake time.
To create your Donut Robot Cake – just lay out the Donuts like I did. The cool part was that the Glazed Donuts acted like a glue and kept everything in place, but you can really use any kind of Donuts you wish for this. I added in the Powdered Sugar Donuts and the Chocolate Entemann’s just to break it up a bit (Ok I admit I had some of those Chocolate ones left over from the box and I ate them, they are my favorite – shhhhh – lol).
The Robot’s Head is actually 2 Powdered Sugar Donuts high – that way it is level with the body. Then I took 1 Glazed Donut and Cut in in half and laid it there for ears. I must say now that I look at the picture – I should have added a 1/2 Donut on the end of his arms with the cut ends facing out – you may want to add that to yours to look like Claws.
Stick on your Battery Operated Tealights (Turn them on when it is Cake Time), Add your Wax Lips and some Rolos to look like Buttons and that is it.
You really can decorate this any way you want – Give it Sunglasses, Use Different Wax Lips, Make it a Bow – the ideas are endless or of course you can make yours look just like mine. Anyway you do it – it is so darn Simple.
When it comes time to sing Happy Birthday add on some Fun Birthday Candles. Mine were colored Squiggly things. Also do not forget to turn on the Eyes and shut out the lights.
This Robot Birthday Cake was a Big Hit with the Boys since they had never seen anything like it before. I even had some ask me if I can make one for their Birthday. That was too cute and really made my night.
Did I add in that there was NO Cutting involved? Yup they just dig in grab a Donut and you are done. Love That !!!

Cat With Their Cats....

Robot Kucing Sega

Nama kucing ini adalah "Yume Neko Venus" atau "Venus si Kucing Impian". Mainan ini dilengkapi dengan sensor sentuhan yang akan membuat si kucing robot ini merespon persis seperti kucing betulan!

Bulu Ketiak Panjang

It's Mr. Panda!

Awwwww. Everybody loves a giant panda. To bad there's probably a sweaty guy inside.

YELLOW WONDER Alpine Strawberry ....

Tasty white-yellow berries that do not attract birds. Grows 6-8 inches tall. Rare.